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Mixing tips & Intra-oral tips


EV-100  Green mixing tip for Still Bite (x100)
ER-100 Pink mixing tip (x100)
EJ-100  Yellow mixing tip for Harmony, Autocore Mix, Core D, Phoenix MD and Duroc
EB-100  Blue mixing tip for Phoenix (x100)
EBA-100  Blue mixing tip (x100)
EMB-MO-J  Yellow tip for mixing machines (x100)
EM-*  Brown mixing tip for Seal Temp and Seal Temp S Dual (x100 or x50)
EMP-*  Brown tip (x100 or x50)
IR-100  Intra-oral pink tip for Hi Seal and Cirus Flow (x100). G20
LTL-100  Intra-Oral black tip for Hermosal, G-Etch (Jumbo kits), Notre Dam and Opaq (x100). G22
ETL-100  Intra-Oral blue tip for G-Etch (minikit) and PF Seal (x100) G25
IMP-100  Intra-Oral tip for EMp-* (x100)
IT-100  Intra-Oral tip for ER-100 and EV-100 (x100)
IJ-100  Intra-Oral tip for EJ-100 and EBA-100 (x100)
IV-50  Intra-Oral green tip for Core D and Autocore Mix (x50)


Mixing tips & Intra-oral tips


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