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Clinical case

Devitalized tooth reconstruction by plastic-inserted material (RMIPP) using FP glass fiber, CORE-D composite and HEALBOND MP universal bonding, then assembling monolithic crown using opaque cement INNOCEM

Dr Christian Moussally (Paris)

1 Set up of the operating field

2. Etch

3. Rinse thoroughly

4. Dry the root canal with a point of paper

5. Glass fiber post FP

6. Fiberglass handling with hemostats

7. Glass fiber post FP

8. Universal bonding HEALBOND MP. No activator needed (SMART CONCEPT compatibility)

9. Bonding application in the root canal and in the pulp chamber

10. .Bonding application on the fiber post

11. Bonding light-curing 10s

12. Core D composite injection into the root canal and pulp chamber

13. Fiberglass coated with Core D

14. Tooth prepared after gum laser fitting

15. Significant collar dyschromia

16. INNOCEM cement opaq

17. Cement application in the Intrados. A2 Opaque

18.. Crown set up

19. Easy removal of cement excess

20. Final result